Pigmentation, Sun/Age Spots, Removal using IPL or Chemical Peels or DermapenCyro

Judith’s Beauty Spot & Skin Clinic is able to safely fade or remove pigmentation, sun or age spots from most parts of the body, using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and or Chemical Peels.  Our new addition to the armoury in the war against pigmentation is the DermapenCyro!  The DermapenCyro allows us to do a follow up treatment to specific age/pigmentation spots or blemishes.

Using the Forma Light machine our IPL/Laser pigmentation removal sessions are virtually pain-free, but may be a little uncomfortable.  With IPL we can safely treat skin types 1 to 5 on the Fitzpatrick Scale (White European to Asian).  Unfortunately we cannot treat skin type 6 (Afro Caribbean) with IPL.

To reduce or remove pigmentation you will usually need around 3 to 5 sessions, spaced at least 3 weeks apart.  The total number of treatments taken is really down to the point at which you are satisfied with the results and you may stop treatments at any time.

How it works

In simple terms, Intense Pulsed Light travels into the layers of skin, this shatters the cells holding the pigmentation.   The body then sees this as a foreign agent and the shattered pigmentation is either taken away as waste, or rises as flakes to the outer skin.

Right from session 1 you will notice an improvement.  Once subjected to IPL, Pigmentation will usually darken before it reduces in size and fades in colour.  However, this treatment may bring out more pigment from the underlying layers of skin to start with.  Unfortunately, if you are prone to producing excess pigment, there is a chance that it will return over time and further maintenance sessions may be required at a later date. We can recommend some very effective professional strength products that will help slow the production of pigment within the layers of your skin thus extending the period required between maintenance sessions.

How do I get started?

You need to come and see us for your free consultation and Skin Analysis.  At the consultation we will explain how everything works, what it means for you, the treatment protocol, and discuss pricing.  If you are in agreement to continue with treatment we will carry out a patch test for you.  The patch test will be somewhere unobtrusive, but near to the area to be treated.  The patch test must be left for at least 24 hours.  If we are satisfied that your skin is suitable and can deal with IPL and the products needed at treatment then your treatment programme can begin.  If you decide to go ahead and have a patch test then we will require your first treatment fee at that time (this is refundable in the unlikely event that the patch test results prove your skin to be incompatible with treatments).  At your second and subsequent appointments, you just pay for each appointment as you have them.

Treatment Protocol

IPL pigmentation removal is a fairly simple procedure.

  • The area is cleaned and any make up, deodorants or cleansing product residue removed.
  • A cooling IPL Gel is applied in order to protect the skin and conduct the light.
  • IPL light is given. This may be uncomfortable but not painful, we will adjust settings upward until the required sensation is reached.
  • Aloe Vera is applied to soothe the area, along with  hydrating serum and on exposed areas  a SPF 30+ sun protection is also used.

Sun exposure is not advisable whilst undergoing IPL pigmentation removal as this may cause the skin to hyper-pigment over a larger area.  It could also effect how the IPL reacts on your skin at subsequent sessions.  On facial and exposed areas a high quality broad spectrum SPF 30+ is a must between sessions.  We have a range of suitable quality moisturising SPF 30+ products available for purchase if you wish.  It is important to schedule a course of treatments with summer weather and your sunshine holiday in mind.  Tanned skin cannot be treated as it may cause further hyper-pigmentation and extreme discomfort during treatment so under these circumstances we will refuse your treatment until such time that your tan has faded.

You must

  • Use a SPF of at least 30 daily
  • Avoid sun and heat exposure for 48 hours
  • Avoid chlorine and steam for 7 days
  • Increase your water intake (at least 2 liters a day)
  • Moisturise regularly (3 to 4 times a day and re-apply SPF)
  • Not rub vigorously, pick or scratch the treated area
  • NOT use glycolic or vitamin A based products for 5 days before and 10 days after treatment

Prices – Skin Rejuvenation or Thread veins

  • Cheeks £50
  • Full Face £90
  • Half Face £65
  • Face & Chest £150

Chemical Peels


As an alternative or complimentary treatment for the removal of pigmentation we also use the Lightening Lift.  With Chemical Peels there are certain protocols and procedures that must be followed.  All clients requesting a peel treatment solution must have either been using the correct skin care products for at least 2 weeks, or have had our preparation treatment (Signature Facial) 1 – 2 weeks before the series of peels begin.  Our I Peel solutions are available in 3 levels, and you must start at level 1.

The following is a general guide as to what to expect from a course of peels with us.  You need to be aware that your skin will peel, to some degree.

Not many clients peel heavily with a level 1, some clients notice only a slight dryness or light flakiness and or a slight darkening in the colour of pigment for a few days while others see little more skin shedding and much darker pigmentation.   With the level 1 you can usually continue with most normal activities and may only need to use extra moisturiser for a few days.   Level 2, we will continue on to this level so long as you have not had major shedding at level 1, if you have experienced heavy shedding we will repeat the first level again before moving to level 2.

You may peel for 3 to 6 days at level 2, and again this may be very light shedding but is usually quite flaky with darkening in heavily pigmented areas, this will vary from person to person and depend on the FS skin type.  It will depend on each individuals lifestyle and their own level of visual acceptance as to whether there is down time during the peeling.  Usually byor Skin Rejuvenation, P the treatment appointment carefully the worst effects can be limited to a less socially busy time for you.   You will normally need 2 to 3 treatments at this level.

These timings are of course estimated and the start to peel time will always vary for each individual and with each level.  This can happen from day 1 for some clients but usually by day 2 or 3.    You MUST adhere to the after care instructions that we give.  These are quite simple –

You must

  • Use a SPF of at least 30
  • Allow skin to shed on its own (no assistance i.e. picking/scratching)
  • Increase your water intake (at least 2 liters a day)
  • Moisturise regularly ( up to 4 times a day)
  • Avoid sun and heat exposure
  • Avoid waxing
  • Avoid chlorine and steam for 7 days
  • Avoid exfoliation and retinol until peeling subsides

We can optimize and enhance your results with I ENHANCE, a specialist range of enhancers that really do enhance your peel.

  • Antioxidant Enhancerimage-category-i-enhance_2
  • Hyaluronic Acid Facial Enhancer
  • Kojik Acid Facial Enhancer
  • Retinol Enhancer
  • Stem Cell Facial Enhancer
  • Vitamin C Facial Enhancer

Treatment Protocol

The procedure follows a few simple steps, but varies in the type of and amount of product being used.  Firstly there is cleansing, followed by a degrease stage.  Then the peel solution is applied.  The sensation felt depends on the peel level and your pain threshold but will range from a mild tingling sensation to quite a hot stingy feeling.  Really, only level 3′s are worthy of comment here.  Whilst the clock is ticking we are watching for small changes in your skin, in some instances we can see the peel agent taking effect immediately, lifting pigment or reducing redness.  Once the allotted time has elapsed the peel will either be neutralised with ice-cold water, or it will have self neutralised.  After this, enhancers, masques, moisturisers and healing products are applied.  With levels 1 & 2 we will give you 2 products,  which will be enough to assist with the home care and healing.


  • Level 1 – £55
  • Level 2 – £75


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